Half Purple and Blue Butterfly


I’ve been the de-facto third member of Katie Byrne and Max Laurie’s conscious creative studio, KIND, since March 2023.

For work enquiries as part of KIND, please email me at lylani@forever-kind.com.

The AIDS Plays Project

Working on the promotional material for this important theatre initiative has been, and continues to be, a privilege. Spearheaded by Alastair Curtis, the AIDS Plays Project celebrates the playwrights whose lives were cut short by HIV/AIDS.

The next play to be performed is Jerker, by Robert Chesley. There will be a two-night run next March. 

Alongside the visuals, the audio recording in the above video was edited by myself, and was later played at the end of the “Christmas on Mars” performance. 


So far, I’ve helped TikTok create and hold four bespoke events. These include Creator (Business to Consumer) events for Pride and Black History Month, as well as B2B dinners featuring guest speeches and performances from Cat Burns and David Olusoga.

Typical duties involve ideation/research, setup of event, filming and content creation.