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d&ad shift 2022

If you’re an early-career creative without a uni degree, I couldn’t recommend D&AD Shift enough. Alongside my hometown of London, there are branches in New York, Sydney, Germany and São Paulo.

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adidas MOVE

(with Laura Zuwa)

INSIGHT: Many women, trans and non binary people did not feel like they had accessible or appropriate activewear. Competitors such as gc2b and Modibodi offered a lack of discretion outside the box, fitting colour choices and, in many cases, comfort.

IDEA: Introducing adidas MOVE: activewear for the new generation. Helping MOVE forward from the box-ticking binary and into a new, active world. Including products from breathable binders to period swimwear and loungewear, suitable for all genders. It’ll set you free.

EXECUTION: Activations would include traditional and digital campaigns during times of major sporting events, featuring grassroots FLINTA+ (female, lesbian, intersex, non-binary, trans and agender) focused sports organisations.All orgs will be paid a £50k grant to appear.

As well, a pop-up experience in association with Twitch, showing the products in immersive action, will travel the UK. The customers with the highest scores will win a day on the pitch with Jill Scott MBE.

This was the winning deck!

Nicky Waller, the senior brand communications manager there, championed our pitch so much and even said it was “very much a campaign they’d do”. 

adidas MOVE logo

guinness 0.0

(with Mars Lawrence, Lewis Oakes and Anisa Abdurahman)

Many non-drinkers are considered “boring”, especially those coming of age and entering university drinking culture.

What’s boring anyway? There’s only so much fun you can have when you’re sober. That way, you can ‘Ch0.0se A Night to Remember.’

Split up into two parts. The first part is an online game, ‘Ch0.0se’. Players can access a QR code on cans and billboards to pick their own ideal night out, with cameos from big- name stars along the way. All the points accrued through the game can be spent on events featured on ticketing app dice.fm. Through Dice, Guinness will also be offering their own sober clubbing concierge service, ‘What’s The Motive?’
My main role in the group was as copywriter and image editor.

penguin random house

(with Theo Ahimana, Halle Primus and Anisa Abdurahman)

Fewer members of Generation Z (13- 25 year olds) read books constantly. Instead they spend more time on social media, often falling into cycles of “doom-scrolling.”

To show books as a healthier alternative to social media and games, we decided to tell the smooth journey one could take if they spent time reading a book instead of scrolling. We especially thought this shift was ideal for commuters and young professionals.

Ride the Penguin Line. A chapter can fit into an entire journey, so why interrupt it? 

This was for our Brief in a Day. 

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